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Shruti Kothari


Hi, I'm Shruti! Thank you for supporting WOC - Really appreciate you taking the time to checkout the site, engage with the content, and (hopefully) sign-up for updates and follow us on social media! 


I'm a health care transformation advocate, passionate about creating meaningful health care experiences for patients, families, and providers. I lead Industry Initiatives for Blue Shield of California’s Health Care Reform agenda, focusing on advocacy and policy movement that drives transformative changes. 


Prior to joining Blue Shield of California, I led Strategic Engagement for Kaiser Permanente’s venture capital fund, integrating early-stage startups into the KP ecosystem. I've also worked as an early stage startup operator, healthcare system quality improvement leader, health educator, and community mobilizer.


 I'm on the Board of Family Caregiver Alliance, the National Center on Caregiving, as well as an
Advisor for the End Well Foundation.

Midwest born and raised, California educated... Immigrant parents, my father passed away when I was young, and I was raised by my single, non-college educated mother. My life experiences have fueled my passion for issues at the intersection of race, gender, and class. 


I'm an optimist who values transparency and kindness.  


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While strolling the streets of Shoreditch in 2019, I discovered the 'You Are Enough'​ street art series by Neequaye Dreph Dsane, “a tribute to ordinary women who do extraordinary work for the betterment of their communities and society.” The series featured beautiful 10+ feet tall portraits of the artist's friends and family — all Women of Color.



Neequaye’s art reminded me of all the incredible Women of Color I’ve known throughout my career in public health — inspirational women working to support the health of their communities through education, policy, innovation, and prevention.

Throughout my life, Women of Color have been an integral part of my success, as some of my most trusted partners, mentors, supporters, and hypewomen. 


Fueled by love for my community of Women of Color, and exasperation from the lack of representation on company boards and senior leadership, continued pervasiveness of “Manels” and “Whanels” (all white panels), and the fact that Women of Color face a wider, more stubborn pay gap — I launched Women of Community (WOC) to celebrate and elevate the voices of ordinary, yet extraordinary Women of Color working for the health of their communities.

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